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To up hold standards ICCSSA implements a CPD point structure (continuous professional development). Registrants must comply to the CPD system to remain with ICCSSA.

  • Promote the membership database by prioritising it on your website
    • Choose and appoint Statisticians from a vast selection intern / contractors or permanent employees
    • Submit tenders or requests or quotations to any available members (consultants)


  • Include additional specifications into the members database that will enable business to acquire statisticians from your website:
    • Members area of practice
    • Members company and contact details

ICCSSA Members (DB) (Online statistician network available) / acquire statisticians



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ICCSSA Empower & Unite Statisticians by
improving standards by means of promoting
CPD (continuous professional development)
accredited courses.

Receive a professional accredited registration
status & become a trusted statistician, endorsed
and supported by a professional body.


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