SPEAKER: Dr Mark Nasila



The role of analytics, big data and machine learning as a driver for digital and artificial intelligence transformation

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  • Relationship between analytics, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • How to integrate machine learning as a tool to accelerate efficiency and predict future outcomes
  • Simplifying user interaction with devices frees up capacity for improved human interaction
  • How to identify sweet-spots for machine-induced improvements
  • What if the computer says “no”? The machine isn’t always right



Dr Mark Nasila is currently the Head of Advanced Analytics, Chief Risk Office and Retail Banking at First National Bank since 2014. Mark has a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from NMMU and MSc (cum laude) in Mathematical Statistics from NMMU.

Mark is a Committee Member of

  • First National Bank Consumer Retail Bank Executive Committee
  • Chair of First National Bank Advanced Analytics Committee
  • First National Bank Data Executive Committee
  • Financial Crime Risk Model Validation Committee
  • First National Bank Non Credit Risk Model Validation


Mark has published the following papers:

  • Keynote Speaker at the Chief Data & Analytics Officer, UK 2018. Keynote Presentation: How Financial Institutions will build and Attach Value to Use Cases through Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Nasila, M.W. and Sharp, G.D. (2013). A Statistical Approach for Identifying and Reducing Fraudulent Transactions on Credit Cards. Proceedings of the International Business conference held on the idyllic isle Mahé, Seychelles.
  • Nasila, M.W and Sharp, G.D (2011). The Power of Statistical Methods in Detecting and Preventing Card Fraud, Proceedings of the International Banking Conference (IBC) held in Durban and On board the MSC Sinfornia Ocean Liner, South Africa.
  • Nasila, M.W and Litvine, I.N (2009). Statistical models for pricing weather derivatives for major South African Coastal areas, Proceedings of the European simulation and modelling conference held in Leicester, London.